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Even if you only have few items and only need packing materials, we are here for you, wherever you are within the Dorset area.

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Removal Service

We are a friendly and affordable Bournemouth based removals company who provides a professional, personal service to householders and businesses. From single items, flats, home and businesses, we can do it for you.

Packing Service

We also provide packing services and you can choose among different packaging options that will suit your needs or just but the materials separately at competitive prices.

Storage Service

Whether you are renovating or decorating your office or home, you can store your belongings at affordable rates in one of our secure storage facilities located in the Bournemouth and Poole area.

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We are committed to quality service and will make sure our customers are fully satisfied once the work is done.
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Packing services

If you need a packing service we can send a team out to safely pack all your belongings no matter how much you are moving.

The ‘Little’ One

Ideal for 1st time movers or studio flats


This includes: 10 standard boxes, 5 meters of bubble wrap, 100 sheets of packing paper and 1 roll of tape.

The ‘Middle’ One:

Ideal for 1/2 bedroom properties


This includes: 15 standard boxes,  10 large boxes, 10 meters of bubble wrap, 100 sheets of packing paper and 2 rolls of tape.

The ‘Big’ One:

Ideal for 3/4 bedroom properties


This includes: 25 standard boxes, 20 large boxes, 2 wardrobe boxes, 25 meters of bubble wrap, 250 sheets of packing paper and 5 rolls of tape.

We also sell our Packaging materials separately:

Standard Box – £3.00
(18” x 12” x 12”)


Large Box – £4.30
(18” x 12” x 18”)

Wardrobe Box – £15.00
(Holds between 20/30 hangers)


Bubble Wrap – £20.00
(75 cm x 1000 cm)

Packing Paper – £15.00
(250 sheets)


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